Follow these simple to get refund from Allegiant Airlines online:

* Go to Allegiant Air's official website and pick Manage My Booking from the menu. After signing in to your account, choose your flight and then input your name and confirmation number.
* Check out the date and time button on the trip summary page before scrolling down to the list of travellers.
* Check the tickets to see if they are refundable, then click the cancel button and provide a description in the appropriate field. To receive a refund, simply provide the bank account or number, followed by the journey and passengers' names.
* If you have selected all of the required options for completing the assignment but are unable to see the refund option, use the class button to quickly pick a return policy.
* Choose your ticket and review the refund options based on your destination, flight booking date, and time.
* After completing the process, you just simply wait two to four days for your refund to be credited.

If you have not received the Allegiant Airlines Refund notification, you must contact Allegiant Air customer service. This phone number is available at all times to assist travellers in buying, altering, or cancelling an airline ticket over the internet.

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